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    • Web Maintenance

    Developing a website at initial stage is an easy process when compared to maintaining it time by time. We provide you web maintenance services at very affordable prices. The services which we will provide you will keep your website up-to-date and smoothly going.

    Why website maintenance is necessary?

    Commercial websites need to be updated time to time so as to meet the dynamic business environment. As the numbers of companies are growing, your business should keep flourishing in the competitive market. Not only that when you expand your business and take it to a larger scale, some more functionalities needs to be add.

    The maintenance which we provide involves; enhancing existing applications, adding new content and technical support.

    Our web maintenance service includes:

    • Introducing New Pages and updating the Existing Ones
    • Add/ update calendar, events and news
    • Add Contemporary Websites Designs
    • Delete/ clear the photos and PDF files long gone
    • Social Media Integration- add FB, Twitter link
    • Add/ update products in online store
    • Google Analytics Integration
    • Virus or Malware removal
    • Minor programming changes

    Website maintenance is necessary for the success of your website. We specialize in taking a good care of your websites.

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